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My Booking Process

  • I open booking every few months. As I review requests, I look for projects that call for creative expression, usually inspired by a particular experience, music, poem, story or movie.
  • After careful consideration, projects may be scheduled for as soon as possible, put on a wait list, or declined because of a mismatch between what the applicant desires and what I offer.
  • People with ongoing large projects are given the earliest availability, after which I book new projects.
  • It may take a little while for me to respond to a request. If you are worried about
    my having received your request, you may resubmit the application form available on this website or email your request to me directly at [email protected].
  • Also, please be sure to check that my response email has not been filed in your spam box.

Styles I Offer

Because I design a tattoo based on the unique vision of my client, each project tends to have its own feel. Sometimes I combine several styles to create an overall composition; at other times a single style is more appropriate. The styles below are tools I typically use:

  • Black and Grey
  • Color
  • Surrealism
  • Realism
  • Dark Art
  • Illustrative Art
  • Geometric/Linework

Please make sure to follow my social media pages for updates regarding booking.